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Former Miss America advocates agriculture

Teresa Scanlan (center) poses in the Sorghum Checkoff booth with National Sorghum Producers and Sorghum Checkoff CEO, Tim Lust (right) and Florentino Lopez (left), Sorghum Checkoff Executive Director (Journal photo by Jennifer M. Latzke)

Former Miss America Teresa Scanlan spoke to sorghum producers during the National Sorghum Producer’s general session on March 1, 2012, at Commodity Classic in Nashville, Tenn.

Scanlan showed her concern for the average U.S. farmer being that age of 57 and continuing to increase. “The younger generation needs to know the importance of farmers and ranchers and why agriculture is important in their lives,” she said.

The Nebraska 19 year-old said the average American is three generations removed from the farm and too much misinformation is floating around about agriculture. “I may not have grown up on a farm, but I know the importance farmers and ranchers play in my life. I want to serve as the voice for these people who have supported me,” she said.

Scanlan, plans to study to be a lawyer and has aspirations of being a politician. “Politicians, in general, do not have practical information about agriculture. They are making policies and laws about things they have no clue about,” she said. “When doing a personal household budget, we don’t cut money for food. Yet, they are cutting the amount of money for the national budget that is committed to agriculture when it’s only one-fourth of 1 percent of the budget to start with.

“We need to let go of the useless regulations against agriculture and let farmers and ranchers do their job,” said Scanlan

ADVOCATING AG—Former Miss America Teresa Scanlan continues to advocate for agriculture by educating the younger generation about the importance of agriculture. She spoke during the National Sorghum Producer's general session, March 1, 2012, at Commodity Classic in Nashville, Tenn. (Journal photo by Jennifer Carrico.)


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