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Holly Martin is the editor of High Plains Journal/Midwest Ag Journal.

Sorghum producers can ensure against bad weather

The Climate Corporation, leading provider of weather insurance, today announced the launch of the first full-season weather insurance program for U.S. grain sorghum growers. Available for the 2012 crop year, Total Weather Insurance Sorghum 2012 represents a new, technology-enhanced approach to insurance that protects sorghum farmers against weather-related crop loss, providing them with unprecedented profit protection.

“In 2011, sorghum growers were plagued by drought and heat stress, resulting in the lowest U.S. grain sorghum yields since 2003,” says David Friedberg, CEO of The Climate Corporation. “For the first time, sorghum growers now have the ability to protect their livelihoods from weather-related production shortfalls not covered by federal crop insurance.”

Created with insight from agronomists and growers nationwide, Total Weather Insurance (TWI) provides farmers with the ability to lock in profits by protecting against weather events that cause production shortfalls, before government coverage kicks in. Unlike traditional crop insurance, which requires verification of crop yield, planting volume and inspections prior to payment for damages, The Climate Corporation automatically sends payment when the weather conditions a grower specifies occur, as measured by independent sources such as the National Weather Service.

2012 Coverage for Key Sorghum Weather Perils 

Utilizing advanced agronomy, historical yield and loss data, weather history and advanced forecasts for the grower’s specific crop and location, TWI Sorghum 2012 covers the major weather perils that may occur during growing season.

TWI Sorghum 2012 provides six coverage components against key weather perils, including:

  • Planting Rain protects against excessive precipitation that can delay timely planting and other field work.
  • Low Heat Units/Freeze protects against a cool growing season or early freeze events that can prevent sorghum from reaching full maturity.
  • Excess Rain with Soil Moisture Tracker™ protects against excessive local rainfall that can lead to standing water which starves the crop of oxygen and promotes disease.
  • Drought with Soil Moisture Tracker™ protects against depleted soil moisture that can cause wilting and limit head size.
  • Daytime Heat Stress protects against hot days that can reduce crop growth and result in ineffective reproduction.
  • Nighttime Heat Stress protects against warm nights that result in diminished grain fill due to increased plant respiration.

To find an authorized Total Weather Insurance agent in your area or to hear directly from growers about their experience with TWI, go to http://www.climate.com. Full-season weather coverage for the 2012 sorghum crop is available to growers who sign up by March 15, 2012.


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