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Holly Martin is the editor of High Plains Journal/Midwest Ag Journal.

DuPont announces new app for growers

Today’s farmer is connected in many ways. They have data from nearly every piece of equipment, every field and the list goes on. But once they have that data, what do they do with it.

DuPont announced today at the Commodity Classic that they intend to help producers with that information and help them make better decisions.

“In today’s complex, data-intense farming operations, growers need a way to sort through all their data to make better decisions,” said Paul E. Schickler, DuPont Pioneer president. “Information is only relevant if it is used in a way that can help increase the entire operations’ profitability, and that next generation of whole-farm management begins today.”

As part of DuPont’s commitment to farmers and increasing the food supply around the world, DuPont Pioneer announced that the business is immediately dedicating additional resources to meet increasing grower demand for the next generation of whole-farm profitability services.  The business plans to deliver insights for advanced farmer profitability and expand its support for a wide variety of farming decisions including seed selections, in-season crop management and water and fertility management — all at a grower’s fingertips.

The first wave of new services is available to farmers this growing season. Pioneer® Field360™ services was launched today and is designed to help growers confidently transform their farm data into increased productivity through timely and actionable information. 

“DuPont Pioneer understands farmers are eager to synthesize knowledge and convert data from their operations into actionable management insights,” said Schickler.  “Pioneer® Field360™ services combined with our team of sales professionals will provide growers a vital link between data and action that can help drive income per acre year after year.”

Following are brief descriptions about the new management apps and tools that will be available with Pioneer® Field360™ services:
Pioneer® Field360™ Notes app streamlines and organizes field-by-field agronomic information for communication between DuPont Pioneer agronomists, sales professionals and growers.  The tool is compatible with iPad® and iPhone® devices, and DuPont Pioneer will release the tool for Android devices later this season.

The Pioneer® Field 360™ Plantability app allows growers to scan a seed tag and indicate their planter type, maximizing planter performance and seed-drop accuracy.  The tool is available for iPad®, iPhone®, and Android devices currently.

Pioneer® Field360™ Select service is a mobile subscription service, leveraging web-based software that allows growers to monitor their fields in real-time for precipitation, GDU information and corn growth stage development. Interactive maps show management layers, yield, as-planted detail and field boundaries. Available to growers later this year, the program is compatible with Pioneer® Field360™ and runs on any computer or tablet with Internet access.

The new Pioneer® Field360™ apps are available at http://www.pioneer.com/360. You can download Pioneer® Field360™ Notes in the App Store SM (http://phbn.ws/360notes ), and the Pioneer® Field360™ Plantability is available in the App Store SM (http://phbn.ws/plantability) and in the Google Play™ Store (http://phbn.ws/gplantability).

Beyond the strong tradition in agronomic services, Pioneer has provided farmers with a variety of trusted services including planting and harvest mapping, planning services, grain marketing, crop insurance and financial services. PHI® Financial Services and PHI® Insurance Services are among the largest providers of financing and crop insurance in the agriculture industry. Pioneer® Field360™ builds on years of work in providing business services to growers and experience with harvest mapping on more than 10 million U.S. acres.


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